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What is NetBehavior?

NetBehaviour - is an open email list community engaged in the process of sharing and actively evolving critical approaches, methods and ideas focused around contemporary networked media arts practice.

NetBehaviour- is for networked media artists, researchers, academics, soft groups, writers, code geeks, curators, independent thinkers, activists, net sufis, non nationalists and net mutualists.

NetBehaviour - encourages individuals, small groups of mutual interest and representatives of organisations to announce and promote their own projects and events on the list along with the exchange of related concepts/ideas/information/resources.

NetBehaviour - is a place where creative minds can share contemporary ideas and concepts, without either the censorship or endorsement of a centrally imposed hierarchical canon, stunting their creative interests. All disputes are settled by all subscribers in the public forum of the email list.
We are the medium - the context - the source of networked creativity.

NetBehaviour 2005
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
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