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Jason Nelson

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from 15/24 Szpakowski and Nelson "this is me and me and me again and agian and again"

View the posts and responses to the residency in the NetBehaviour Archive Date Starting:06/02/2005 8:14 AM- Date Ending: 06/30/2005 8:13 PM

As a NET ARTIST, I am apparently dieing or dead. With that in mind, I bask in my zombie glow, my rotting wires and my urge to bite through skulls. I could list those academic and worldly accolades that have trophied themselves on my work, but I am only as good as the last swirling mess I spit out. I live in Australia with a beautiful woman and miss the snow, so miss the snow. http://www.heliozoa.com http://www.secrettechnology.com

Exploring interface and interactive creatures with content grabbed, thrust, stolen, and borrowed from new media artists, poets and electronic pioneers. Over these two weeks, I will create twenty-four digital extravaganzas, with each one being loosely or closely centered on the content, ideas, images and words of others. Think of this as ego stroking and translation, a way to connect to those I have never met and might not ever meet, and play with ideas of interaction and interface. Some have offered their content, others will simply be robbed, and all will be enchanted, confused, annoyed and giddily stroked.

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